About Us

About Us

Franklin Insulation Group

Franklin Insulation Group was born from two generations of insulators, Josh Franklin, founder/owner, and his father, Ken Franklin. Ken’s work as an insulator began in 1968 and was influential to Josh from birth. Choosing to venture into business independently was not a hasty decision, but one Josh was ready for after working in the field as a commercial and industrial insulator for nine years and in estimating and project management for six years.  Since 2017, Franklin Insulation Group has become a major competitor among insulation contractors in the Southeast region.  

Becoming a trusted service partner has been established through F.I.G.’s commitment to quality in all aspects of their work, including communication, pricing, and performance.  Consistent availability to discuss and assess current and future jobs is a characteristic of Franklin Insulation that is popular among its partners on a project and at manufacturers that consistently need insulation services on new or existing equipment or pipes.  The ability to converse almost immediately when a change to a current plan is implemented or an unexpected emergency situation arises, allows the F.I.G. team to react quickly and efficiently to a customer’s needs. 

Whether it be a planned time for maintenance, scheduled outage/shut-down, or crisis situation, F.I.G. will work hard to meet a customer’s needs through swift response and completion of the work. Additionally, our commitment to quality is evident by the precedence placed on preparing accurate and timely quotes that are also competitive in price.  Competition is the nature of contract work; however, price is not the only bottom line. Quality of performance cannot be dismissed when planning a project, and at Franklin Insulation, a clean and meticulous performance is what sets us apart.   

Memberships, Certifications, and Affiliations

MICA: Midwest Insulation Contractors Association
NIA: National Insulation Association

SEICA: SouthEast Insulators Contractors Association
OSHA-30 – safety certification
First Aid and CPR Certification

Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification (December 2019)
Insulation Energy Appraiser Certification (Spring 2020)