At Franklin Insulation Group, safety is a top priority. Not only does our insulation help to provide safer environments for others while on the job, but we also install insulation implementing higher than obligatory safety standards and practices. F.I.G. is committed to providing a safe drug-free environment for all employees and partners of our services. In order to reach our goal of an accident-free job site, all employees are trained and given quarterly refresher courses on safety rules and regulations to ensure compliance and understanding.

Our commitment to safety is shown through our numerous training and certification requirements that each employee possesses.

Osha-30 Certification for all Site Supervisors

Ariel lift training for all employees

Forklift training for all employees

Fall Protection Training for all employees

Ladder Safety Traning for all employees

Harness and lanyard safety training for all employees

CPR and First Aid Certification for all employees