Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Insulation Pads

Custom crafted insulation pads are used in industrial applications to cover and insulate valves, strainers, PRVs, check valves, etc.  Franklin Insulation Group designs, assembles, and installs custom pads with service and maintenance in mind. All pads are made to be removable while providing high-temperature insulation.  All pads are made from silicone cloth, stuffed with high-temperature ceramic insulation, and sewn with specialty high-temperature rated thread. In order to be removable, the pads are secured at stainless steel anchor points with stainless steel wire or replaceable heavy duty zip tie.

Specialty Labels

Specialty labels can be made in any requested color to help identify contents within piping and show the direction of flow of the contents.  Labels are made of 3mil vinyl with UV protection and have a sturdy adhesive that will withstand hot or cold environment applications.

Color Coded PVC Jacket

Colorful PVC jacketing is a highly useful product for pipe identification with manufacturers having a multitude of piping overhead and throughout a facility. PVC jacket can come in fourteen different shades to quickly and easily locate and identify piping by maintenance personnel. Colored PVC jacketing maintains the same quality standards of traditional white jacketing.